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Give Your Trees a Makeover They Deserve!

To maintain the health and longivity of a Tree, prunning and trimming is the best form of prevention.  Our trained team will look over the tree from top to bottom and trim away any dead limbs, diseased limbs, and  trim for the best wind flow to avoid damage in high winds.


*Reasons for trimming and prunning your Trees:


* All limbs should be  6 to 8 feet from the home to prevent rubbing and pest infestation


*Shaping your tree gives you the look you want and helps keep the tree in balance during the        stormy Seasons.  


* Trimming every 2 -3 years helps maintain the shape and health of follage on your Tree.    (depending on the variety of the tree - some grow faster than others.)


* Fruit Trees trimmed on a regular basis produce more fruit and strengthen the limbs


* Lawns not getting enough sunlight and pools getting too much shade


These are just a few reasons why trimming your tree on a regular basis will help keep the beauty and strength of your Tree safe for you.



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